Roll On Roll Off Shipping

We provide you with a global, reliable and cost effective service that allows you to send cars and other vehicles to various countries. The vehicles are rolled onto the vessel and rolled off once they arrive at the final destination. 

This method is simple, all we need is the copy of the vehicle registration document and the details of the sender and the receiver. Check out the rates below for saloon and 4×4 vehicles. We can also send vans, trucks and truck heads. 

How to measure your vehicle:

When you measure your vehicle, you must consider the tallest and widest points of the vehicle. We require the length. width and height of the vehicle in metres. To calculate how to work out the cubic volume of a vehicle is:

Lenght x width x height (metres)

For example, a truck with dimensions of 12m x 2.5m x 4m = 120 cubic metres. 


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